From February 22

until March 22, 2021

New competition end date

Participate in the photo contest and win a customizable Chess-France chessboard to offer to the person of your choice

Dear friends,,

Most of all, we would like to thank you very much for acquiring one of our Chess France chess boards and we hope you enjoy playing chess "wherever you want" with your family and friends. And it is precisely with them in mind that we propose you this new contest. A PHOTO CONTEST in order to make one of your close relations win a chessboard. For the pleasure to offer and the pleasure to share a chess game.


Contest Rules and Regulations


  •  CHESS FRANCE. Atelier Jean-Luc Gamba , 755 route de la benoite - 83320 CARQUEIRANNE - FRANCE

  • The Organizer reserves the right to modify the concept and format of the contest whenever it deems it necessary, or to interrupt the contest at any time during its duration, informing the public of the changes before they take effect, by publishing them on, as well as through announcements on Twitter, Facebook and instagram.




  • The theme of the photos will be: "PLAY ANYWHERE". Whether at home, in the countryside, on the beach, in the mountains or whatever you like, send us a photo of your Chess-France chessboard in an unusual, unexpected or simply beautiful situation.




  • Two modalities and two chances to win: 


  • Modality 1:  A photo of the game without players, the chessboard in a situation with a background landscape, ambiance etc.... "Play Anywhere"


  • Modality 2: A real game in progress with its participants.


  • One winner per modality. A participant will not be able to win in both modalities. In the event that a participant has the most positive votes in both modalities, his/her winning photo will be the one with the highest score on both photos. The other winner will be the one with the second highest score in the remaining modality.




  • The contest is open to anyone who has acquired a Chess-France chessboard. Participation in the contest is free of charge. It implies full acceptance of these rules and regulations, without any possibility of complaint regarding the results. 

  • Persons not entitled to participate in the contest are employees, contractors of the partners and relatives up to the second degree of persons working or collaborating with CHESS FRANCE.


  • Each participant can present a maximum of 4 photographs in the modalities of their choice.


  • Format: 1X1 (Square), 16X9 (Horizontal) 9X16 (Vertical) at the participant's choice.


  •  The photo must not be retouched or edited using photo software.



The competition takes place between February 22 and March 19, 2021 (i.e. March 19, 2021, 24 hours, French time, for online entries).




  • The contest will take place on the Facebook page of chess France.


  • In order for a person to participate in the contest, they must have an active profile on Facebook.


  • The participant must leave a comment in which will be inserted the photo that will be presented in the contest. (See the presentation image of the contest). 

  • One photo presented = One comment 

  • 1. Click on "Comment" (on the Contest link on the Facebook page)

  • 2. Insert your photo

  • 3. Write in the comment City + Country (of the place where the photo was taken)


  • WINNERS: The participants with the most positive feedback on their photo will be the winners in each of the modalities mentioned above.


  • All positive reactions will be counted, negative reactions will not be taken into account.






  • The prize offered consists of one chessboard  (amount 89€ + FREE DELIVERY) for each of the two winners. 



  • This promotion is not managed or sponsored by Facebook. The information you provide is provided to [recipient(s) of the information] and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for [what you intend to do with the information provided by the user]. By participating, the user agrees to a full release from Facebook. Facebook does not manage it and cannot be held responsible for any problems.


  • The participants declare and guarantee that they are the authors of the proposed photos and therefore are the exclusive holders of literary and artistic property rights, i.e. the right to the name, the right of reproduction and the right of representation to the public of the said photos.

  • As such, they agree that these photos may be exhibited and/or published on any Chess-France Atelier Jean-Luc Gamba communication medium. They also declare and guarantee that they have obtained the prior written authorisation of the persons identifiable in the photos presented or of the owners of the properties represented. The organiser cannot be held responsible in any way for the use of the said photos.




For the purposes of these rules, force majeure means any event which cannot be controlled, resolved or foreseen by the organiser and whose occurrence makes it impossible for the organiser to fulfil its obligations under the rules, including, but not limited to, war, fire, floods, strikes and blockades, earthquakes, severe storms and other disasters of any kind. If a situation of force majeure totally or partially prevents the smooth running of the competition under the conditions set out in these rules, the Organiser will be exonerated from all liability for the duration of the force majeure.