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Travel Chess Games

Magnets & Rollable

travel chess set

Are you new to the world of chess or are you a seasoned professional? Would you like to take your parlor chess set on your travels, but it's not really practical because of its weight and size? A travel chess set is a fantastic substitute when you're on vacation or on the road. Your traditional set is beautiful, but the best travel chess sets are smaller, portable, practical, with storage options for pieces without falling into miniaturism.

Jeu d'échecs de voyage - magnétique et enroulable


It is with this in mind that the Chess France travel chess sets have been designed. Lightweight and designed to be portable, the unrolled board provides a pleasant playing surface. Staunton boxwood pieces that give the feeling of being on a real parlor chess set.

Jeu d'échecs de voyage
Echiquier enroulable - Jeu d'échecs de voyage

the  magnetism on a soft, rollable mat is one of the best innovations you can get with a chess set designed for travel and will allow you to play in all conditions and in all places.


The chess set wraps around its (integrated) storage pocket for chess pieces and two cases (black and ecru) allow the pieces to be placed by color for better protection. A carrying case for the board is available on request.

A portable, magnetic chess set is the ideal choice for the chess player who travels or enjoys playing outdoors. Whether at the park, at the local café or on a hike.

jeu de voyage
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