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Magnetic-chessboards-Chess Cherry Cashmere

Magnetic-chessboards-Chess Cherry Cashmere

Manufacturer of French chess sets - JL GAMBA - Artisan de France


Each magnetic chess board is entirely manufactured and shapedone by one from my workshop in Carqueiranne in the south of France.


Magnetic Chess Set - Chess Cherry Cashmere

This chess set can be personalized. (free service)


Manufacturing times for this model = 3 weeks.


Product Description :

- Flexible magnetic chessboard (exclusive patented device) and 32 BUIS wood pieces equipped with permanent neodymium magnets.

- Storage cover equipped with a cord to carry your chessboard on your shoulder.

These pieces are specially designed for my chess boards by theMaster Craftsman MORA, combining exceptional finesse and elegance, make my chessboard a refined object, ideal for travel or for a cozy interior.


Manufacturing characteristics:

- Base made on a high quality red DENIM cotton and elastane canvas (French supplier).

- Contour of the game with a red bias with tone-on-tone stitching.

- Chessboard part printed in anti-UV screen printing directly in my workshop.



I worked on graphics by adapting these cashmere-inspired designs. My work focused on the design aspect of the chessboard. This perfectly balanced contour decoration transforms the chess set into an exceptional piece, combining style and elegance in an incomparable way.



Unrolled = 65 x 36 cm - Rolled = 36 x 8 cm - Weight = approx. 500g

Game boxes = 2.8 x 2.8cm

Additional details:

- A very large padded pocket allows you to store all the chess pieces and closes with Velcro.

- A black leather loop makes it easier to open the pocket.

Your chess board wraps around its pocket so that the printed part is facing out, then it slides into its case.


A little word from the manufacturer:

All my models of chess sets benefit from the same care in work.

The magnetization principle is identical to all my models and will allow you to play wherever you want (boat-plane-train-sand-sofa...etc) - Move a game in progress without dropping the pieces.

Above all, I design my games as a chess player.

The size of the chessboard is comfortable for playing real games of two, even Blitz.


You would like to know more! Come directly to the workshop or join me on the phone for a friendly discussion about our passion for chess.

- JL GAMBA telephone:


Delivery :


from €4.90


from €6.90


from €12.50

  • You have the possibility to personalize the chessboard with a screen printing marking of your choice.

     Two fields are available for your personalization. Fill in one or both fields with your text without exceeding the number of characters allowed. 


    -   Once the order has been placed, you will receive an  Email within approximately 48 hours with  a computer screenshot of your personalization in order to verify that the registration is correct or to correct any errors. (Please pay attention to your spam mailbox)

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Exceptional quality straight from the workshop to you.