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Magnetic Roll-Up chess Mat -  New York

Magnetic Roll-Up chess Mat - New York

Complete chessboard with 32 pieces of boxwood from the Jura + 2 additional pockets .


Manufactured in denim-Jean fabrics, and thanks to itsprinciple of magnetizationflexible mat (exclusive patented device), this chessboard is both aperfect travel companionas a beautiful object for the house.


Real denim supple and resistant, the black outline with orange stitching gives it a timeless appearance.


A beautiful chessboard made entirely in France: Traditional know-how and innovation.


Deadlines: Each game ordered is subject to manufacture.

Chess board without customization: Shipped within 3 days

Chessboard with customization: Shipped within 8 days

  • • 1 magnetic chessboard mat + 32 magnetic boxwood pieces + 2 additional pouches


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Exceptional quality straight from the workshop to you.

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