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Here are examples of possible quotes to personalize your game. You can suggest the phrase of your choice.
( within the limit of 125 characters.)

"For me, chess is not a game but an art" - Alexandre Alekhine

"Be a threat every time you sit down to play" - Ken Smith

"Victory is brilliant, but failure is dull" - Coluche  

"Chess is the art of analysis" -  Mikhail Botvinnik

"There is no sport more violent than chess" -  Garry Kasparov  

"Only a great player knows how weak he plays" -  Tartacover  

"Win with grace, lose with dignity" -  Susan Polgar

"He who takes risks can lose, he who does not always loses" -  Tartacover

The threat is stronger than the execution. " -  Aaron Nimzovitch.

No shot should be played without a goal. " -  Pedro Damiano.

Life and Chess are both a constant struggle. " -  Lasker.

It is better to sacrifice the opponent's pieces. " -  Xavier Tartacover.

Only a great player knows how weak he plays. " -  Xavier Tartacover.

Genius is knowing how to break the rules at the right time. " -  Teichmann.

You can get more use out of one lost game than from 100 won games. " -  Capablanca.

" What would you do if you were playing chess and the end of the world was coming? I would keep playing. " -  Saint Borromeo.

We live in a chess world: every passing day is a challenge. " -  Philosopher Sasha.

Chess is a matter of sensitive judgement. Knowing when to hit and when to dodge.-  Fisher.

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