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 Chess France specialist
of magnetic chess boards on flexible mats

roll-up magnetic chess game


After two years of research, Jean-Luc Gamba, creator of the Chess France chess boards, succeeded in obtaining an exclusive technical compound which allows the magnetization of flexible materials such as fabric and leather.

In order to obtain an ideal and optimal result for its application on chess games, the magnetization criteria were multiple:

magnetic chessboard

- Allow fabric or leather  to retain all its properties of elasticity and natural flexibility of the canvas in order to be able to roll the game naturally like any flexible travel game and to store it in its transport bag.  

- Obtain a force of magnetism which is both sufficiently strong between the pieces and the fabric to be able to allow the chess player to play on any surface.  Whether at the beach on the sand, in the grass, on the deck of a boat, in a car, or even on a bed with children jumping around, the pieces remain frozen on the chessboard.  The player can also move a game in progress without the risk of dropping the pieces.


- Also obtain a magnetism that is perfectly adjusted to allow the player to lift and move the pieces without them remaining  magnetized to the carpet with a very satisfactory result because the action and the magnetic effect of the piece  and the mat gives the player the same feeling as a leaden competition piece.

magnetic wooden chess pieces

They are then milled at their base to house a powerful N35 type neodymium permanent magnet.

This innovative flexible magnetization technique was the subject of an international invention application in 2018. In January 2020, after two years of study, the invention patent was recognized and registered in the National Patent Register.

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