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Jean-Luc Gamba entrepreneur and creator passionate about innovations.

At the professional origin of the marking in industrial embroidery and shaping.

I like to play many board games, chess, backgammon, but I had never managed to find a material that was easy to take on a trip, so I wanted to create the model of all my expectations. .

The idea of working on a flexible support was obvious, I was inspired by an existing model.

In 2013, I made my first fabric chess and backgammon models for my personal use and those of my loved ones.

Easy to transport, store but you always needed a flat and stable place to play.

Impossible to improvise a game on the sand, on the grass, or simply on the sofa etc. etc ... but that was my goal!

In 2015 I undertook research to develop technical solutions that would allow flexible play to be used in all conditions.

It will take me almost two years of experimental work to get the result:

A technological innovation allowing a fabric or leather to become a magnet receptor.

In 2017 a patent for invention was therefore filed.


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