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Magnets & Rollable

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Instructions  maintenance

• The game must be rolled, carpet facing out. It is necessary to roll up starting with the pocket of the coins without tightening too much.


• Once the game is rolled up on the outside, slip it into its cover.


• If you will not be using your game for long periods of time, remove it from its cover and leave it flat.


• If a part comes to no longer adhere to the mat, it means that its magnet will have come off and will have been attracted by another magnet. (You have to recover it and re-glue it with a glue gel type glue).


• In case of loss or breakage of a piece, it is possible to buy it individually.


• The game must not be machine washed, if for some reason it gets wet on the playing area, it must be dried quickly (hair dryer, sun, etc.) otherwise rust spots may appear!


• If creases appear you can iron your game except for the printed part.


• Each magnetic chessboard is made one by one with great attention, however, as it is a real 100% artisanal work, some differences in measurements may appear.

We are available for any questions.

roll-up magnetic chess board

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